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Travelogue Bangkok No.1

Travelogue Bangkok: Part 1 of my trip report on Thailand. My first stop was like almost every other travelers as well, Bangkok. The capital of Thailand fascinates and polarizes their visitors alike and is either hated or loved. What I experienced there and if I hate or love this city, you can read in this travelreport.  Travelogue Bangkok […]


Trouble in Thailand: 5 problems that you could get

Problems Thailand: The inspiration for this article, I have from the travel blog Indojunkie, a travel blog about Indonesia. Here I’ll be show you five problems (which actually no problems are), you could definitely get as flash packer, backpacker or as a normal tourist in Thailand.  Trouble in Thailand: 5 problems that you could get as […]


Backpacker accommodation and bungalow Thailand

To find a place to stay as a backpacker in Thailand is really easy. There are always plenty of accommodations in all price and comfort classes. Whether beach bungalows in Thailand or Guest Houses, travelers never have trouble to find a good and cheap accommodation. Backpacker accommodation and Bungalows Thailand Before I release you later […]


5 Thailand facts – Important travel information

General Information Thailand: Before the first trip to Thailand you probably buzzing some questions through your head. Here I have compiled the answers to the 5 most common. Thailand first-hand information: Thailand Information – answers to the five most important questions   1.Entry and visa Thailand:   For entry, a passport is required, which is valid for at least 6 months. For a […]


Minimalist Travel preparation for Thailand Backpacker

Travel preparation Thailand: In this article I would like to succinctly explain a good way to prepare for your trip to Thailand as a backpacker or Flash Packer. The trip to Thailand should optimally be a healthy mix of adventure, extraordinary experiences and relaxation at the same time. Why do not you just start with […]