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Don’t fear your first long-haul flight – All tips

In this article I want to give the absolute travel newcomers among you, a little help at hand to cope on your first long-haul flight. All Tips for flying and transfer as well as the expiration of a long-haul flight I have summarized here. This article will bore every veteran traveler. But I did not made […]


How to: Clothes in Thailand – buy and washing

Who goes longer time on the road, have to think about the clothes he wants to take. I decided to write a small article about clothes and washing in Thailand to represent you the situation on the spot.    How to: Clothes in Thailand – buy and washing I always tend to pack too much. […]


Expenses four weeks in Thailand as Flashpacker

After much deliberation I decided to write down a list of my expenses for a 4-week flashpackers stay in Thailand. This article will make you realize what costs how much and where you spend maybe too much money and there are definitely savings options.   Expenses four weeks in Thailand as Flashpacker My list of […]


Safety regulations for traveling with hand luggage

Traveling with hand luggage: After the terrorist attacks of September 11 has changed a lot of flight safety. Therefore, you should pay close attention to what You must carry in your hand luggage and what not. To avoid surprises at the security checkpoint, I have compiled this guide you for traveling with hand luggage.   Traveling […]


Travel first aid kit – All you need for a healthy trip

Travel first aid kit Thailand and Asia: Whether flash / backpacker or package holiday, they all have one thing in common: Everyone who wants to go away for a long time, you should definitely a well-equipped first aid kit call his own! In my opinion this is absolutely essential. The first aid kit is an integral […]